Re: [PATCH 1/3] ACPI / idle: Move idle_boot_override out of the archdirectory

From: Hanjun Guo
Date: Mon Jan 20 2014 - 09:09:49 EST

On 2014å01æ18æ 21:47, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
On Saturday, January 18, 2014 11:52:18 AM Hanjun Guo wrote:
On 2014-1-18 11:45, Hanjun Guo wrote:
On 2014-1-17 20:06, Sudeep Holla wrote:
On 17/01/14 02:03, Hanjun Guo wrote:
Move idle_boot_override out of the arch directory to be a single enum
including both platforms values, this will make it rather easier to
avoid ifdefs around which definitions are for which processor in
generally used ACPI code.

IDLE_FORCE_MWAIT for IA64 is not used anywhere, so romove it.

No functional change in this patch.

Suggested-by: Alan <gnomes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Hanjun Guo <hanjun.guo@xxxxxxxxxx>
diff --git a/include/linux/cpu.h b/include/linux/cpu.h
index 03e235ad..e324561 100644
--- a/include/linux/cpu.h
+++ b/include/linux/cpu.h
@@ -220,6 +220,14 @@ void cpu_idle(void);
void cpu_idle_poll_ctrl(bool enable);
+enum idle_boot_override {
I do understand the idea behind this change, but IMO HALT and MWAIT are x86
specific and may not make sense for other architectures.
yes, this is the strange part, the value is arch-dependent.

It will also require every architecture using ACPI to export
boot_option_idle_override which may not be really required.
so, how about forget this patch and move boot_option_idle_override
related code into arch directory such as arch/x86/acpi/boot.c for
The general idea is that we can move all the arch-dependent codes
in ACPI driver to arch directory, then make codes in drivers/acpi/
arch independent.
Well, MWAIT is arch-dependent, so I'm not sure how IDLE_NOMWAIT fits into

So you will not happy with this patch and should find another solution?

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