Re: [PATCHSET 0/5] tracing/uprobes: Support multi buffer and eventtrigger

From: zhangwei(Jovi)
Date: Sun Jan 19 2014 - 21:12:08 EST

Hi Namhyung,

On 2014/1/17 16:08, Namhyung Kim wrote:
> Hello,
> (Resending with LKML CC'ed)
> This patchset tries to add support for recent multi buffer and event
> trigger changes to uprobes. The multi buffer support patch is an
> updated version of Zovi's previous patch v6 [1].
> Zovi, please tell me if you have any update and/or issues with this.
No more update on [Patch 3/5] from my side.
Thank you for resending this patch!


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