[Q] L1_CACHE_BYTES on flush_pfn_alias function.

From: 이정승
Date: Fri Jan 17 2014 - 04:55:00 EST


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>>Setting the L1 cache line size larger than it actually is should be safe.

the written code expected as L1_CACHE_BYTES should be real cache line size
has bug.
It looks like that flush_pfn_alias function should be fixed.

Anybody to have another opinion?


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Subject: Question on flush_pfn_alias function.

Dear Catalin,

I found below function and that clean and invalidate data cache range with
The end address is end of page - L1_CACHE_BYTES (e.g. 32 , 64)

+static void flush_pfn_alias(unsigned long pfn, unsigned long vaddr) {
+ unsigned long to = ALIAS_FLUSH_START + (CACHE_COLOUR(vaddr) <<
+ set_pte(TOP_PTE(to), pfn_pte(pfn, PAGE_KERNEL));
+ flush_tlb_kernel_page(to);
+ asm( "mcrr p15, 0, %1, %0, c14\n"
+ " mcrr p15, 0, %1, %0, c5\n"
+ :
+ : "r" (to), "r" (to + PAGE_SIZE - L1_CACHE_BYTES)
+ : "cc");

However, follow the mail and current setting in vanilla kernel,
L1_CACHE_BYTES of Cortex A9 will be 64 not 32.
I think that could be problem.

What is your opinion?

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