[PATCH V4 0/2] mm/memblock: Excluded memory

From: Philipp Hachtmann
Date: Thu Jan 16 2014 - 08:27:38 EST

Here is a new version of the memblock.nomap patch.

This time without the first patch (that has already been taken by akpm).

The second patch is now split into the functional part (Add support...)
and the cleanup/refactoring part. This has been done for clarity as
announced before.

Philipp Hachtmann (2):
mm/memblock: Add support for excluded memory areas
mm/memblock: Cleanup and refactoring after addition of nomap

include/linux/memblock.h | 57 +++++++++---
mm/Kconfig | 3 +
mm/memblock.c | 233 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
mm/nobootmem.c | 9 ++
4 files changed, 231 insertions(+), 71 deletions(-)


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