Re: [QUERY]: Is using CPU hotplug right for isolating CPUs?

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Thu Jan 16 2014 - 04:46:44 EST

On Thu, 16 Jan 2014, Viresh Kumar wrote:

> On 15 January 2014 22:47, Frederic Weisbecker <fweisbec@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Are you sure about that? NO_HZ_FULL shouldn't touch much hrtimers.
> > Those are independant from the tick.
> >
> > Although some of them seem to rely on the softirq, but that seem to
> > concern the tick hrtimer only.
> To make it clear I was talking about the hrtimer used by tick_sched_timer.
> I have crossed checked which timers are active on isolated CPU from
> /proc/timer_list and it gave on tick_sched_timer's hrtimer.
> In the attached trace (dft.txt), see these locations:
> - Line 252: Time 302.573881: we scheduled the hrtimer for 300 seconds
> ahead of current time.
> - Line 254, 258, 262, 330, 334: We got interruptions continuously after
> ~90 seconds and this looked to be a case of timer's counter overflow.
> Isn't it? (I have removed some lines towards the end of this file to make
> it shorter, though dft.dat is untouched)

Just do the math.

max reload value / timer freq = max time span


0x7fffffff / 24MHz = 89.478485 sec

Nothing to do here except to get rid of the requirement to arm the
timer at all.


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