Re: [tip:x86/apic] x86, apic: Make disabled_cpu_apicid static read_mostly,fix typos

From: HATAYAMA Daisuke
Date: Thu Jan 16 2014 - 01:23:28 EST

(2014/01/16 14:53), H. Peter Anvin wrote:
On 01/15/2014 08:44 PM, HATAYAMA Daisuke wrote:

This is not typo in my intention.

generic_processor_info() has two more cases where it ignores cpus.
In either cases, printed messages are tagged with "ACPI" because this
function is called when parsing ACPI MADT table in acpi_boot_init();
this function is also being used to parse other kind of tables but
the "ACPI" tag would mean that the function was first for ACPI only.

But it has nothing to do with ACPI -- it is an APIC ID from the command
line -- so that would be actively misleading.


I never disagree to the fix itself. I wanted to explain why I wrote so.

I thought it was better to unify tags in the same function because they
should bleong to the same component, here I mean ACPI, but it's better
to avoid the confusion, which is bigger impact.


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