Re: [RFC PATCH -next] Fix printk_once build errors due to__read_mostly

From: Fengguang Wu
Date: Thu Oct 31 2013 - 10:54:59 EST

Hi Joe,

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 09:07:45AM -0700, Joe Perches wrote:
> On Wed, 2013-10-30 at 10:18 +0000, James Hogan wrote:
> > Commit 3e39c1ab04ba (printk: mark printk_once test variable
> > __read_mostly) added __read_mostly to the __print_once bool in the
> > printk_once() macro, but __read_mostly is defined in <linux/cache.h>
> > which isn't included from <linux/printk.h>. This results in build errors
> > like this:
> >
> > arch/metag/mm/l2cache.c: In function 'meta_l2c_setup':
> > arch/metag/mm/l2cache.c:56: error: '__read_mostly' undeclared
> Fengguang?
> Do you have the metag arch cross-compiler in your auto build tests?


> Is there a list somewhere of what arches are build tested?

It's pretty much all the ones supported by

Here are my installed ones (the highest version will be used if there
are several versions available):

gcc-4.2.4-nolibc/avr32-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/frv-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/mips64-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/sparc-linux
gcc-4.5.1-nolibc/or32-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/hppa64-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/mips-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/x86_64-linux
gcc-4.6.2-nolibc/tilegx-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/hppa-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/powerpc64-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/xtensa-linux
gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/alpha-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/i386-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/powerpc-linux gcc-4.8.0-nolibc/microblaze-linux
gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/am33_2.0-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/ia64-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/s390x-linux gcc-4.8.0-nolibc/powerpc64-linux
gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/cris-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/m32r-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/sh4-linux
gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/crisv32-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/m68k-linux gcc-4.6.3-nolibc/sparc64-linux

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