RE: [PATCH net v2 2/3] r8152: modify the tx flow

From: hayeswang
Date: Thu Oct 31 2013 - 01:52:53 EST

From: David Miller [mailto:davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 5:05 AM
> From: Hayes Wang <hayeswang@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 15:13:39 +0800
> Basically, your driver will now queue up to 1,000 packets onto
> this tx_queue list, because that is what tx_queue_len will be
> for alloc_etherdev() allocated network devices.
> In my previous reply to you about this patch, I asked you to
> quantify and study the effects of using a limit of 60. I said
> that 60 might be too large.
> You've responded by removing the limit completely, which is exactly
> the opposite of what I've asked you to do. Why did you do this?

Excuse me. My question is that the original code doesn't stop the tx queue
either, so I don't understand why it is necessary for this patch.

I don't say I wouldn't find the suitable value for the tx queue length.
I feel I need some time to think how to find the reasonable value. And
I don't hope it influences the submission of the other patches, so I
remove it first. Or, may I submit the other two patches first?

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