Re: [PATCH] ARM: mm: Fix ECC mem policy printk

From: Russell King - ARM Linux
Date: Wed Oct 30 2013 - 09:08:34 EST

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 01:46:18PM +0100, Michal Simek wrote:
> Russell, Will: We discussed this at KS that will be good
> to rephrase it or have different logic around this.
> I am not sure if we can also test that this bit is
> implemented by particular SoC or not.
> Maybe logic should be that if SoC uses this bit
> that message is shown in origin format to declare
> that ECC is enabled or disabled.
> When SoC doesn't implement it then do not show this message.

This is not quite what I meant - by making the change you have, you also
omit to print the data cache policy.

> @@ -556,8 +556,9 @@ static void __init build_mem_type_table(void)
> mem_types[MT_CACHECLEAN].prot_sect |= PMD_SECT_WB;
> break;
> }
> - printk("Memory policy: ECC %sabled, Data cache %s\n",
> - ecc_mask ? "en" : "dis", cp->policy);
> + if (ecc_mask)
> + pr_info("Memory policy: ECC enabled, Data cache %s\n",
> + cp->policy);

pr_info("Memory policy: %sData cache %s\n",
ecc_mask ? "ECC enabled, " : "", cp->policy);

is more what I was suggesting.
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