Re: [PATCH] genirq: Avoid NULL OOPS in irq handling

From: "陈华才"
Date: Wed Oct 30 2013 - 09:02:56 EST

> On Wed, 30 Oct 2013, "陈华才" wrote:
>> I use a Loongson-3(MIPS-series CPU) machine, there is a serial port
>> integrated in the CPU (but it iss buggy), and it use handle_percpu_irq()
>> as the irq handler. Maybe I should move the checking into
>> handle_percpu_irq()?
> Why is a device interrupt using handle_percpu_irq()?
Seems that IRQs directly deliverd to MIPS CPU (those without interrupt
controller) are all handled by handle_percpu_irq().... I will try to
overwrite the handler in arch-specific code and keep the code in kernel/
irq as is. Thanks.
> Thanks,
> tglx

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