routing rule with additional attributes (RTA_DST)

From: Василий Максимов
Date: Wed Oct 30 2013 - 05:15:10 EST

Hi All,

while cretaing rules via NETLINK, I observed not (well) documented in
rtnetlink(7) behaviour.

If I created rule using RTM_NEWRULE message, I'm able to provide
RTA_DST attribute with destination IP (setting up rtmsg.dst_len to the
appropriate value).
Such message to NETLINK provides to creating following rules:
#ip ru sh
19999: from to lookup 19

So, could you please tell:
-can I count on this behaviour in future linux kernels?
-which additional attributes can be also passed? I tried
RTA_IIF/RTA_OIF and it looks like it works too.
-is there any way to debug how kernel choose rules?

Thanks in advance,
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