Re: Watchdog patches - overview.

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Tue Oct 29 2013 - 12:32:49 EST

Hi Guenter,

> > Just to give you an update on where we are:
> > 1) following patches are linux-watchdog-next:
> > watchdog: dw_wdt: convert to SIMPLE_DEV_PM_OPS
> > watchdog: dw_wdt: use clk_prepare_enable and clk_disable_unprepare
> > imx2_wdt: expose module alias for loading from device-tree
> > watchdog: use dev_get_platdata()
> > watchdog: dw_wdt: Add __user annotation
> > watchdog: kempld_wdt: Add __user annotation
> > watchdog: Add MOXA ART watchdog driver
> > watchdog: add ralink watchdog driver
> > documentation/devicetree: Move DT bindigns from gpio to watchdog
> > watchdog: ts72xx_wdt: cleanup return codes in ioctl
> > watchdog: Remove redundant of_match_ptr
> > watchdog: sirf: add watchdog driver of CSR SiRFprimaII and SiRFatlasVI
> > watchdog: sp805_wdt: Remove unnecessary amba_set_drvdata()
> > watchdog: at91sam9_wdt: better watchdog support
> > watchdog: at91sam9_wdt: update device tree doc
> > ARM: at91/dt: add sam9 watchdog default options to SoCs
> > ARM: at91/dt: add watchdog properties to kizbox board
> > watchdog: pcwd_usb: Use allocated buffer for usb_control_msg
> > watchdog: ts72xx_wdt: Propagate return value from timeout_to_regval
> > watchdog: Get rid of MODULE_ALIAS_MISCDEV statements
> > watchdog: dw: Enable OF support for DW watchdog timer
> > watchdog: watchdog_core: Fix a trivial typo
> >
> > 2) patches that I am reviewing or are on my radar:
> > w83627hf-patches
> > Orion-patches
> > f81865_gpio.c
> > [PATCH V2 0/4] Add watchdog DT nodes and parse it to read PMU registers addresses (Exynos+s3c2410_wdt)
> > [PATCH v4 4/4] ARM: bcm4760: Add restart hook
> > [PATCH] Documentation/watchdog: Update node name in samsung-wdt example
> >
> > So if something is still missing: please let it know.
> >
> Hi Wim,
> thanks a lot for getting this all done.

No problem :-). Thanks also for your reviews and testing. It makes my life easier.

> There is also
> Move and rename HP watchdog timer driver
> [ Not sure if that is a good idea. For hwmon, I noticed that out-of-directory
> hwmon drivers are not reviewed by hwmon maintainers, often resulting in bad
> or even broken code ]

This patch will not go in. I agree with your statement: "If that is the case,
wouldn't it make more sense to have separate drivers, one per functionality,
plus an mfd driver to bind them all together ?". Especially because there is
practically no code re-usage...

> and
> watchdog: Sysfs interface for MEN A21 watchdog
> [ It might make more sense to add common sysfs attributes to the
> watchdog code ]

I still have this patch in a seprate folder. So yes that one is also still on my radar.
But since I am not completely happy with some of the sysfs attribute-namings, and since
some of the code would be in the sysfs core part, I put the patch aside till after I
complete the sysfs code. (But I want to do the windond stuff first).

Kind regards,

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