Re: [PATCH 1/6] perf timechart: always try to print at least 15 tasks

From: Stanislav Fomichev
Date: Tue Oct 29 2013 - 05:24:48 EST

> 1. introduce while loop: it's a behavioral change so that it can be a
> separate patch. But it seems not checking the process filter - in that
> case the loop is almost useless IMHO.
Could you please elaborate on 'not checking the process filter'?

This loop is for the case when process filter is not set, but when the
filter is set it should also work (because determine_display_tasks calls
determine_display_tasks_filtered in case of process filter).
We just check the return value and loop while number of tasks is not
within the desired range (or thresh is zero).

> 2. new -n option: it should update Documentation/perf-timechart.txt
> also. And the long option name "number" is too general.
Does renaming "number" to "proc-num" sounds ok?

> 3. two if(proc_num): what is this? Is it for patch 2?
That's for the '-n 0' case, to completely skip tasks information.

Thanks for your comments, I'll split this patch into two parts and
update the docs.
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