Re: State of "perf: Add a new sort order: SORT_INCLUSIVE"

From: Frederic Weisbecker
Date: Mon Oct 28 2013 - 04:49:43 EST

2013/10/28 Namhyung Kim <namhyung@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Rodrigo,
> On Fri, 25 Oct 2013 16:07:21 +0100, Rodrigo Campos wrote:
>> Hi Namhyung,
>> Frederic Weisbecker and Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo told me on IRC that you were
>> working to forward-port a patch that adds a new sort order to perf report,
>> That will be useful for me and I was wondering if you are still working on that
>> or if there is a newer version than v6:
>> Maybe you have a newer version of it not sent to the list ? Or do you plan to
>> work on it anytime soon ?
>> If there is any branch to test, please let me know :)
> Yes I have a patch series for that. But it's not a new sort order but a
> new command line option --culumate. I don't think it should be a new
> sort order since it affects only how it counts period value on each
> sample not how samples are sorted/grouped.
> It's about a year since I sent this series to list. I'll work on it and
> send it to the list soon.

Thanks a lot!

> But before that I have to re-read what's the
> Frederic's concern - IIRC it's about consolidating code in perf report
> that does similar things on branch stack.
> Frederic, can you remember what was the problem?
> Anyway, You can find the series and discussion on the link below:

Right so my concern was that it should be an extension of "perf report
- b" rather than an ad-hoc. Cumulative callchains is basically what
perf report -b does but with callchains. And since callchains are
branches, this should be a perfect fit.

Also I don't remember if perf report -b adds branches to the hist with
a period of 1 of with the period of the referring event. I remember
there was an issue a long time ago there. May be it was fixed. Anyway
IMO the period of 1 doesn't make sense, branches should be added with
the period of the event.

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