Re: EFI boot problem in 3.11

From: Matt Fleming
Date: Sat Oct 26 2013 - 11:51:08 EST

On Thu, 24 Oct, at 12:14:26PM, Jasper Bryant-Greene wrote:
> I have a box here which is set up for EFI boot with no boot loader.
> The kernel is compiled with a built-in initrd and command line.
> In 3.10 this was all working well. However, after updating to 3.11.5 a
> reboot leads to the EFI firmware boot screen appearing followed by the
> middle section of it going black (just leaving two vertical stripes of
> the EFI firmware boot screen on either side of the screen) and the
> system locking up (numlock etc do not work).
> However, if I hit âdeleteâ quickly when powering on, and enter the
> firmware setup screen, I can then âexit without savingâ and the system
> will boot successfully â âsave and exitâ does not work as that
> performs a full reboot while âexit without savingâ seems to continue
> the boot where it left off.
> Due to the aforementioned graphics corruption, I am wondering whether
> it is somehow related to the frame buffer? As this is a production
> system I unfortunately do not have flexibility to try a number of
> kernel versions in-between to locate where the issue was introduced.

Nothing springs to mind and nothing jumps out of the log in
drivers/video or arch/x86/platform/efi.

The best way to figure out what's causing this issue really is to bisect
the kernel versions. What hardware are you running on?

Matt Fleming, Intel Open Source Technology Center
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