corrupt mm-slab-wrap-functions

From: Andreas Starzer
Date: Mon Sep 30 2013 - 03:05:01 EST


I just tried to use the latest RT-patch from (patch-3.10.10-rt7.patch) and found a
corrupt patch file "mm-slab-wrap-functions.patch"
For example at line 165 in the attached patch file, the line had been
duplicated. So I cannot trust the patch at all. :(

I had many other errors concerning raw_spinlock_t vs spin_lock_t and
cachep->nodelists, ... maybe they all just come from a patch-creation
I'm afraid there are more patch-files corrupt, since I cannot build
with slub too.

I've searched through all previous patches, back to
patch-3.10.4-rt1.patch, but all had the same corrupt line :(

I think there is no bug in the original code but only an error
happened when the patches were created since 3.10 Kernel.

The patch is the youngest patch that does not have this
corrupt line.

Many thanks for any answers and best regards


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