AMP linux and GPU/HDMI controller sharing

From: Mj Embd
Date: Sun Sep 29 2013 - 06:09:29 EST


I have got a client request to support on their board 2 instances of
linux(Ubuntu) running as an AMP.
The board has 2 ARM cores and a GPU. The LED monitor which connects to
the board is using HDMI.

Two cores can communicate via a IPI handshake.
So release and acquire of the GPU can be done cooperatively.

My problem is that, I have done partitioning of other resources but
not sure how to share the GPU. What I have to do is save the buffers
associated with current GPU owner in memory and restore later. I dont
know much about GPU programming and am looking for pointers /any help
which is possible.

Also the solution I have to create has to be GPU agnostic.

Please help me out.
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