Re: [PATCH] kernel/groups.c: consider about NULL for 'group_info'in all related extern functions

From: Chen Gang
Date: Tue Sep 24 2013 - 21:48:10 EST

On 09/25/2013 09:14 AM, Tejun Heo wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 09:06:52AM +0800, Chen Gang wrote:
>> OK, I see, the 'root cause' is: "you are not the related maintainer
>> either", so it is really necessary for me to spend additional time
>> resource on it :-(.
> Yeah, at least partly. That and the fact that I'm not too willing to
> dig into the code without further evidence. It isn't anything strange
> to ask tho and I'm likely to do that even for subsystems that I know
> intimately if the subject code has been stable / stale for years and
> the analysis doesn't seem immediately convincing. And, if my
> experience is anything to go by, it's not too unlikely that you might
> hit something which doesn't agree with your current assumptions while
> trying to actually trigger the problem.
> Thanks.

Excuse me, my English is not quite well, I do not quite understand what
you said (but it seems what you said is reasonable, and not need reply).

Chen Gang
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