Re: [GIT PULL 0/3] ARM: SoC: Second round of changes for v3.12

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Mon Sep 09 2013 - 19:49:29 EST

On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 3:42 PM, Kevin Hilman <khilman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The main thing of note (or of potential annoyance factor) here is the
> handful of conflicts in PULL 2/3 coming from platform changes
> conflicting with driver changes going in to the V4L tree. I've listed
> them in detail in that pull request, and we will work with the
> platform maintainer on the workflow to avoid this in the future.

Ok. I still really despise the absolute incredible sh*t that is
non-discoverable buses, and I hope that ARM SoC hardware designers all
die in some incredibly painful accident. DT only does so much.

So if you see any, send them my love, and possibly puncture the
brake-lines on their car and put a little surprise in their coffee,

> For future reference, when it comes to these conflicts, do you want to
> see a summary of the suggested resolutions, a published branch with
> the resolutions, both or neither? Just curious.

I'll basically always end up re-doing the conflict resolution by hand
anyway unless it's just *incredibly* messy (and I think that has
happened all of once or twice), so anything you send me ends up being
just confirmation.

In this case, for example, I didn't end up looking at your pre-merged
stuff, because the summaries were enough for me to just say "ok, that
confirms my resolution". In other cases, people don't write detailed
summaries, and I end up confirming my resolution by just doing a
separate test-merge against their pre-merged branch and comparing.

And in most cases, the resolution is trivial enough that I don't
bother with either.

And in *all* cases I appreciate it when people do the preparation. It
hopefully also makes submaintainers themselves more aware of
development flow conflicts and more aware of possible problem issues
(same reason I prefer doing all the resolutions by hand myself), so I
suspect all of this is healthy even if I don't end up using it.

Final note: putting the conflict resolution explanation in the tag
message is unnecessary, since it's not really worth it after-the-fact
- so I'll just edit it away. It's not a problem, but in general I'd
suggest the tag message just contain the "here's the highlights", and
you do the conflict resolution notes just in the email. But I suspect
you may find the use of the tags a convenient way to jot down the
resolution for then sending the email later, and it's not like it
hurts me to edit it away afterwards, so not a big deal. Whatever works
for you.

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