[GIT PULL] f2fs updates for v3.12

From: Jaegeuk Kim
Date: Thu Sep 05 2013 - 04:09:35 EST

Hi Linus,

Here is the pull request on f2fs updates for v3.12.
This patch-set includes several enhancements such as inline-xattrs, sysfs,
proc entry, and performance improvement at worst case scenarios.
It also includes some bug fixes.
Thank you very much.

The following changes since commit 36f571e9ed0419e73d127e18aa8992ced867268c:

Merge tag 'firewire-fix' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ieee1394/linux1394 (2013-07-29 17:08:22 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs.git tags/for-f2fs-3.12

for you to fetch changes up to a26b7c8a0149ce1e3b6a10f2801aada6e447e4e7:

f2fs: optimize gc for better performance (2013-09-05 13:50:32 +0900)

f2fs updates for v3.12

This patch-set includes the following major enhancement patches.
o support inline xattrs
o add sysfs support to control GCs explicitly
o add proc entry to show the current segment usage information
o improve the GC/SSR performance

The other bug fixes are as follows.
o avoid the overflow on status calculation
o fix some error handling routines
o fix inconsistent xattr states after power-off-recovery
o fix incorrect xattr node offset definition
o fix deadlock condition in fsync
o fix the fdatasync routine for power-off-recovery

Changman Lee (1):
f2fs: add description for fsck.f2fs and dump.f2fs

Dan Carpenter (2):
f2fs: remove an unneeded kfree(NULL)
f2fs: alloc_page() doesn't return an ERR_PTR

Gu Zheng (8):
f2fs: add a help func F2FS_STAT() to get the f2fs_stat_info
f2fs: introduce help function F2FS_NODE()
f2fs: use seq_puts()/seq_putc() rather than seq_printf() where possible
f2fs: use list_for_each rather than list_for_each_safe, in remove_orphan_inode()
f2fs: move bio_private allocation out of f2fs_bio_alloc()
f2fs: clean up the needless end 'return' of void function
f2fs: fix a compound statement label error
f2fs: use strncasecmp() simplify the string comparison

Jaegeuk Kim (21):
f2fs: recover date requested by fdatasync
f2fs: add proc entry to monitor current usage of segments
f2fs: update file name in the inode block during f2fs_rename
f2fs: fix i_name during f2fs_sync_file
f2fs: fix handling orphan inodes
f2fs: fix a build failure due to missing the kobject header
f2fs: fix the use of XATTR_NODE_OFFSET
f2fs: fix inconsistency between xattr node blocks and its inode
f2fs: introduce cur_cp_version function to reduce code size
f2fs: check the free space first in new_node_page
f2fs: should cover i_xattr_nid with its xattr node page lock
f2fs: fix wrong BUG_ON condition
f2fs: add flags for inline xattrs
f2fs: reserve the xattr space dynamically
f2fs: introduce __find_xattr for readability
f2fs: add the truncate_xattr_node function
f2fs: support the inline xattrs
f2fs: fix omitting to update inode page
f2fs: trigger GC when there are prefree segments
f2fs: avoid an overflow during utilization calculation
f2fs: merge more bios of node block writes

Jin Xu (3):
f2fs: fix a deadlock in fsync
f2fs: avoid writing inode redundantly when creating a file
f2fs: optimize gc for better performance

Namjae Jeon (3):
f2fs: add sysfs support for controlling the gc_thread
f2fs: add sysfs entries to select the gc policy
f2fs: remove redundant code from f2fs_write_begin

Wei Yongjun (1):
f2fs: fix error return code in init_f2fs_fs()

Zhao Hongjiang (1):
f2fs: fix memory leak when init f2fs filesystem fail

Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-fs-f2fs | 26 +++
Documentation/filesystems/f2fs.txt | 75 ++++++++-
fs/f2fs/checkpoint.c | 24 ++-
fs/f2fs/data.c | 28 ++--
fs/f2fs/debug.c | 34 ++--
fs/f2fs/dir.c | 19 ++-
fs/f2fs/f2fs.h | 106 +++++++++---
fs/f2fs/file.c | 25 ++-
fs/f2fs/gc.c | 58 ++++---
fs/f2fs/gc.h | 38 +++--
fs/f2fs/inode.c | 15 +-
fs/f2fs/namei.c | 33 ++--
fs/f2fs/node.c | 100 +++++++----
fs/f2fs/node.h | 44 +++--
fs/f2fs/recovery.c | 29 ++--
fs/f2fs/segment.c | 41 +++--
fs/f2fs/segment.h | 6 +-
fs/f2fs/super.c | 209 ++++++++++++++++++++++-
fs/f2fs/xattr.c | 289 ++++++++++++++++++++------------
fs/f2fs/xattr.h | 15 +-
include/linux/f2fs_fs.h | 20 ++-
21 files changed, 890 insertions(+), 344 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-fs-f2fs

Jaegeuk Kim

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