Re: page fault scalability (ext3, ext4, xfs)

From: Dave Hansen
Date: Wed Aug 14 2013 - 16:50:14 EST

On 08/14/2013 12:43 PM, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> Thanks dave for doing this comparison. Is there any chance you can
> check whether lockstats shows anything interesting?
>> Test case is this:
> One interesting thing about the test case. It looks like the first
> time through the while loop, the file will need to be extended (since
> it is a new tempfile). But subsequent times through the list the
> blocks for the file will already be allocated. If the file is
> prezero'ed ahead of time, so we're only measuring the cost of the
> write page fault, and we take block allocation out of the comparison,
> do we see the same scalability curve?

Would a plain old fallocate() do the trick, or does it actually need
zeros written to it?

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