Re: [Bug] Reproducible data corruption on i5-3340M: Please revert53a59fc67!

From: Michal Hocko
Date: Wed Aug 14 2013 - 13:40:48 EST

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On Wed 14-08-13 18:36:53, Ben Tebulin wrote:
> Hello Michal, Johannes, Balbir, Kamezawa and Mailing lists!


> Since v3.7.2 on two independent machines a very specific Git repository
> fails in 9/10 cases on git-fsck due to an SHA1/memory failures. This
> only occurs on a very specific repository and can be reproduced stably
> on two independent laptops. Git mailing list ran out of ideas and for me
> this looks like some very exotic kernel issue.
> After a _very long session of rebooting and bisecting_ the Linux kernel
> (fortunately I had a SSD and ccache!) I was able to pinpoint the cause
> to the following patch:
> *"mm: limit mmu_gather batching to fix soft lockups on !CONFIG_PREEMPT"*
> 787f7301074ccd07a3e82236ca41eefd245f4e07 linux stable [1]
> 53a59fc67f97374758e63a9c785891ec62324c81 upstream commit [2]

Thanks for bisecting this up!

I will look into this but I find it really strange. The patch only
limits the number of batched pages to be freed. This might happen even
without the patch, albeit less likely, when a new batch cannot be
That being said, I do not see anything obviously wrong with the patch
itself. Maybe we are not flushing those pages properly in some corner
case which doesn't trigger normally. I will have to look at it but I
really think this just exhibits a subtle bug in batch pages freeing.

I have no objection to revert the patch for now until we find out what
is really going on.

> More details are available in my previous discussion on the Git mailing:
> Never had any hardware/stability issues _at all_ with these machines.
> Only one repo out of 112 is affected. It's a git-svn clone and even
> recreated copies out of svn do trigger the same failure.
> I was able to bisect this error to this very specific commit.
> Furthermore: Reverting this commit in 3.9.11 still solves the error.
> I assume this is a regression of the Linux kernel (not Git) and would
> kindly ask you to revert the afore mentioned commits.
> Thanks!
> - Ben
> I'm not subscribed - please CC me.
> [1]
> [2]

Michal Hocko
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