[PATCH] FMC: Staticize local symbols

From: Jingoo Han
Date: Sun Aug 11 2013 - 23:36:05 EST

This local symbol is used only in this file.
Fix the following sparse warnings:

drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c:106:5: warning: symbol 'fwe_probe' was not declared. Should it be static?
drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c:147:5: warning: symbol 'fwe_remove' was not declared. Should it be static?

Signed-off-by: Jingoo Han <jg1.han@xxxxxxxxxxx>
drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c | 4 ++--
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c b/drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c
index 2cc680d..ee5b479 100644
--- a/drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c
+++ b/drivers/fmc/fmc-write-eeprom.c
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ static int fwe_run(struct fmc_device *fmc, const struct firmware *fw, char *s)
* difficult to know in advance when probing the first card if others
* are there.
-int fwe_probe(struct fmc_device *fmc)
+static int fwe_probe(struct fmc_device *fmc)
int err, index = 0;
const struct firmware *fw;
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ int fwe_probe(struct fmc_device *fmc)
return 0;

-int fwe_remove(struct fmc_device *fmc)
+static int fwe_remove(struct fmc_device *fmc)
return 0;

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