Re: [HANG] Trouble with NEC-based USB adapter in PCMCIA slot on E7110

From: Thomas Richter
Date: Sat Aug 10 2013 - 15:52:28 EST

Hi Josep,

Have you tried to wait for 5 minutes? It could also be related to it
what happens to my kernel 3.11.0-rc4 (and rc3) and USB

I plug the drive. Only after 5 minutes of high-speed of USb bus, it mounts.

No, currently I don't even depend on gnome mounting it. I don't run a desktop. I just mount it manually in the single user mode with "mount" (eliminates variables that is). If I mount it, it first looks ok. Then I write a file on it. Still looks ok. Then I call "sync". That finally locks it up with the 2.6.32 kernel, not on 2.6.31. For the .32, it just sits there, after probably twenty seconds, it times out, complains that it can't write, then dies away. Works just nicely with the .31 kernel.

Thus, at this time, I guess I would need to know more about how a write reaches the ehci module, and how the configuration from there works.

Sorry, but this isn't quite as simple as I thought.

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