Re: Re-tune x86 uaccess code for PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Sat Aug 10 2013 - 15:19:09 EST

Right... I mentioned the need to move thread count into percpu and the other restructuring... all of that seems essential for this not to suck.

Linus Torvalds <torvalds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 10:18 AM, H. Peter Anvin <hpa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We could then play a really ugly stunt by marking NEED_RESCHED by
>> 0x7fffffff to the counter. Then the whole sequence becomes something
>> subl $1,%fs:preempt_count
>> jno 1f
>> call __naked_preempt_schedule /* Or a trap */
>This is indeed one of the few cases where we probably *could* use
>trapv or something like that in theory, but those instructions tend to
>be slow enough that even if you don't take the trap, you'd be better
>off just testing by hand.
>However, it's worse than you think. Preempt count is per-thread, not
>per-cpu. So to access preempt-count, we currently have to look up
>thread_info (which is per-cpu or stack-based).
>I'd *like* to make preempt-count be per-cpu, and then copy it at
>thread switch time, and it's been discussed. But as things are now,
>preemption enable is quite expensive, and looks something like
> movq %gs:kernel_stack,%rdx #, pfo_ret__
> subl $1, -8124(%rdx) #, ti_22->preempt_count
> movq %gs:kernel_stack,%rdx #, pfo_ret__
> movq -8136(%rdx), %rdx # MEM[(const long unsigned int
>*)ti_27 + 16B], D.
> andl $8, %edx #, D.34545
> jne .L139 #,
>and that's actually the *good* case (ie not counting any extra costs
>of turning leaf functions into non-leaf ones).
>That "kernel_stack" thing is actually getting the thread_info pointer,
>and it doesn't get cached because gcc thinks the preempt_count value
>might alias. Sad, sad, sad. We actually used to do better back when we
>used actual tricks with the stack registers and used a const inline
>asm to let gcc know it could re-use the value etc.
>It would be *lovely* if we
> (a) made preempt-count per-cpu and just copied it at thread-switch
> (b) made the NEED_RESCHED bit be part of preempt-count (rather than
>thread flags) and just made it the high bit
>adn then maybe we could just do
> subl $1, %fs:preempt_count
> js .L139
>with the actual schedule call being done as an
> asm volatile("call user_schedule": : :"memory");
>that Andi introduced that doesn't pollute the register space. Note
>that you still want the *test* to be done in C code, because together
>with "unlikely()" you'd likely do pretty close to optimal code
>generation, and hiding the decrement and test and conditional jump in
>asm you wouldn't get the proper instruction scheduling and branch
>following that gcc does.
>I dunno. It looks like a fair amount of effort. But as things are now,
>the code generation difference between PREEMPT_NONE and PREEMPT is
>actually fairly noticeable. And PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY - which is supposed
>to be almost as cheap as PREEMPT_NONE - has lots of bad cases too, as
>Andi noticed.
> Linus

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