perf, x86: Add parts of the remaining haswell PMU functionality

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Thu Aug 08 2013 - 21:16:14 EST

Add some more TSX functionality to the basic Haswell PMU.

A lot of the infrastructure needed for these patches has
been merged earlier, so it is all quite straight forward

- Add the checkpointed counter workaround.
(Parts of this have been already merged earlier)
- Add support for reporting PEBS transaction abort cost as weight.
This is useful to judge the cost of aborts and concentrate
on expensive ones first.
(Large parts of this have been already merged earlier,
this is just adding the final few lines to the PEBS handler)
- Add TSX event aliases, needed for perf stat -T and general
(Infrastructure also already in)
- Add perf stat -T support to give a user friendly highlevel
counting frontend for transaction..
This version should also be usable for POWER8 eventually.

Not included:

Support for transaction flags and TSX LBR flags.

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