Re: 2.6.34.x longterm stable status

From: Paul Gortmaker
Date: Thu Aug 08 2013 - 00:07:17 EST

[2.6.34.x longterm stable status] On 05/08/2013 (Mon 22:32) Aaro Koskinen wrote:

> Hi,
> There hasn't been 2.6.34.x stable tree releases for a
> while. Also, in some mails you have mentioned EOLing this tree (e.g.
> I have two questions
> concerning this:
> - Will there be any more releases, or is it assumed that all users have
> already migrated to newer releases and is the final one?

The information is unchanged since the above. I make no assumptions
about what "all users" have or have not done, but that said, I intend
to do one more 2.6.34.x as I have said elsewhere.

> - Shouldn't the EOL status be mentioned in the front page?

It will be marked EOL at when it is EOL. Those that care
about it being EOL would have seen the message about it becoming EOL in
the previous 2.6.34.x release annoucement.


> Thanks,
> A.
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