Re: [PATCH 001/001] CHAR DRIVERS: a simple device to give daemonsa /sys-like interface

From: Bob Smith
Date: Wed Aug 07 2013 - 17:04:58 EST

Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
cat /dev/proxyctrl # what is the offset?
echo 2 > /dev/proxyctrl # set offset to 2

You have language bindings right there in bash for this api, what you
are saying is that you don't want to write new syscall bindings for new
languages, which is fine, don't do that, use the ones we already have
for the vast number of different IPC types.

You are correct. There very much is a protocol in use. Just as
there is for setting ip_forward in /proc. And from your previous
comment, it doesn't have to be ASCII. It could be binary or XML.

What is your specific requirements, I see you couch them in terms of
what you have created, but none in terms of actual requirements with no
specific implementation.

You are correct. I have been giving them in terms of my goal. The
title still captures it: "a simple device to give daemons a /sys-like

I am not a kernel programmer. I am an Electrical Engineer trying to
control a robot. So I don't know what you mean by "actual requirements"
or a "specific implementation". If you point me at a working example
I'll be happy to try to provide these.

And all of my other outstanding questions still remain, please address
those as well.
Yes, understood.

Greg, once again let me thank you for your patience while dealing
with an EE (who probably needs more adult supervision).

Bob Smith

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