RE: [PATCH V1] DA9210 driver files

From: Steve Twiss
Date: Tue Aug 06 2013 - 09:10:07 EST

On Mon 15 July 2013 17:58 Mark Brown wrote:

>Subject: Re: [PATCH V1] DA9210 driver files

I should have named this PATCH V3 to follow on from previous versions
from RFC that I submitted.

>To repeat *again* you should submit patches in the format covered in
>SubmittingPatches. This includes things like the commit message, if
>your commit message doesn't look like other commit messages for the code
>you're changing that's an issue.

Apologies again.
I will try to make this identical to those provided in other commit
messages ...

>> +struct da9210 {
>> + struct device *dev;
>This is never used as far as I can tell.

Not used.. removed.

>> +MODULE_ALIAS("platform: da9210");
>This is for a platform device but this is an I2C device so would never
>match. Also for a platform device the string should have no space in

Done this.
I will re-submit this asap.

>Otherwise this looks OK, though it'd be better to fill in the register
>map information more (listing the valid registers for example).

Thank you,
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