Re: [PATCH] [SCSI] sg: Fix user memory corruption when SG_IO isinterrupted by a signal

From: Peter Chang
Date: Mon Aug 05 2013 - 23:55:20 EST

2013/8/5 Roland Dreier <roland@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> From: Roland Dreier <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> There is a nasty bug in the SCSI SG_IO ioctl that in some circumstances
> leads to one process writing data into the address space of some other
> random unrelated process if the ioctl is interrupted by a signal.
> What happens is the following:
> - A process issues an SG_IO ioctl with direction DXFER_FROM_DEV (ie the
> underlying SCSI command will transfer data from the SCSI device to
> the buffer provided in the ioctl)
> - Before the command finishes, a signal is sent to the process waiting
> in the ioctl. This will end up waking up the sg_ioctl() code:
> result = wait_event_interruptible(sfp->read_wait,
> (srp_done(sfp, srp) || sdp->detached));
> but neither srp_done() nor sdp->detached is true, so we end up just
> setting srp->orphan and returning to userspace:
> srp->orphan = 1;
> write_unlock_irq(&sfp->rq_list_lock);
> return result; /* -ERESTARTSYS because signal hit process */
> At this point the original process is done with the ioctl and
> blithely goes ahead handling the signal, reissuing the ioctl, etc.

i think that an additional issue here is that part of reissuing the
ioctl is re-queueing the command. since the re-queue is at the front
of the block queue there are issues if the command is non-idempotent.

we have a local fix that gets rid of most of the orphan stuff and
re-waiting if a non-fatal signal was waiting. simpler than unmapping
but maybe we're missing some other interesting case?

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