[PATCH] adjust code alignment

From: Julia Lawall
Date: Mon Aug 05 2013 - 10:47:52 EST

These patches result from the following semantic patch
(http://coccinelle.lip6.fr/), which checks for successive statements that
are not aligned.

statement S;
expression e;
position p1,p;


p1 << bad.p1;
p << bad.p;

if not ((List.hd p1).line = (List.hd p).line)
then include_match false

expression e1,e2;
position p1 != bad.p,p2;


p1 << r.p1;
p2 << r.p2;

if not ((List.hd p1).col = (List.hd p2).col) &&
not ((List.hd p1).line = (List.hd p2).line)
then begin print_main "" p1; print_secs "" p2 end

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