Re: [PATCH] RFC: interrupt consistency check for OF GPIO IRQs

From: Alexander Holler
Date: Sat Aug 03 2013 - 03:25:12 EST

Am 02.08.2013 17:35, schrieb Alexander Holler:
> Am 02.08.2013 11:57, schrieb Alexander Holler:
>> There must have been a bug in the patch too. I've also added that
>> iinterrupt-parent stuff (with the same flags as used by the driver) and
>> just have let the driver call
>> request_threaded_irq(gpio_to_irq(gpio), flags);
>> without the gpio_request()/input() before. And request_threaded_irq()

Thinking again about what I've tried, I might have make the failure to
add the interrupt-parent line to the mmc-section (where the gpio was
specified) and not to the gpio(-controller) section where it might have
belong too (again, there was no example and no documentation).

But why I again bother you all with another mail, is that I don't like
the fact that the irq-flags might have to be specified in the DT and the
source (and they have to match).

A solution might be to use the flags specified in the DT for the
particular irq and ignore the flags specified as parameter to
request_irq(). At least as long as DT isn't mandatory. And in the
future, the flags could just be removed from the call to request_irq()
depending (then visible too) only on the flags as specified in the DT.


Alexander Holler

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