Re: [PATCH v3 6/6] mfd: da9063: add 32 kHz output clock to clocktree

From: Philipp Zabel
Date: Fri Aug 02 2013 - 07:50:48 EST

Am Montag, den 29.07.2013, 19:15 +0100 schrieb Mark Brown:
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 07:00:47PM +0200, Philipp Zabel wrote:
> > + clk = devm_clk_register(da9063->dev, &out_32k->clk_hw);
> > + if (IS_ERR(clk))
> > + return PTR_ERR(clk);
> > +
> This introduces a dependency on COMMON_CLK. It might be best to make
> this a function device in drivers/clk, and for something like this we
> really ought to be able to create regmap helpers though that can be done
> later on.

If we just add regmap variants of the current basic clocks (think
clk_gate_regmap etc.) there wouldn't be much code left for this function
device. I'll drop the clock part for now and reintroduce it after we
have some helpers.


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