Re: [PATCH 0/8] include/net: next set of extern removals

From: Joe Perches
Date: Thu Aug 01 2013 - 12:29:49 EST

On Thu, 2013-08-01 at 13:04 +0100, David Howells wrote:
> Joe Perches <joe@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Standardize on no extern use on function prototypes
> Can we please standardise on _having_ externs on function prototypes?


What value is there in using extern for function prototypes?

Your argument for "picking out at a glance"
really doesn't make sense to me.

Basically, anything with parentheses that's not a #define
is an extern.

Exceptions exist for extern function pointers, but those
are fairly unusual anyway. Outside of netfilter,
extern function pointers are only used about a dozen times
total in the kernel tree.

So, please provide some examples supporting your view.

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