Re: [regression, bisected] x86: efi: Pass boot services variableinfo to runtime code

From: Russ Anderson
Date: Thu May 23 2013 - 18:23:34 EST

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 12:58:01PM +0100, Matt Fleming wrote:
> On Wed, 22 May, at 11:27:47AM, Russ Anderson wrote:
> > [ 6.062157] EFI Variables Facility v0.08 2004-May-17
> > [ 6.067731] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 000000007ca95b10
> > [ 6.075519] IP: [<ffff88007dbf2140>] 0xffff88007dbf213f
> This is a bit of a head scratcher. Could you paste the EFI memmap
> entries in your dmesg for the regions that cover 0x7ca95b10 and
> 0x7dbf2140? My guess would be that they're EFI runtime code regions,
> which would at least explain why we seem to be executing code in the
> direct mapping region (0xffff8800xxxxxxxx).
> Are you booting via the EFI boot stub?

Interesting data point. The failure is on a rhel7/grub2 root.
The identical kernel on a rhel6/grub root boots. So maybe
grub2 brings out the failure? I suspect Fedora19/grub2 on
EFI should hit the problem (for someone looking to reproduce

In both cases the kernel boot line options are the same.

Russ Anderson, OS RAS/Partitioning Project Lead
SGI - Silicon Graphics Inc rja@xxxxxxx
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