how to get coalesced I/O in block layer

From: Shri Agarwal
Date: Thu May 23 2013 - 13:55:17 EST

i am trying to develop a blk driver,
i have registered my I/O handler function with
blk_init_queue(my function, lock)

my function get called for every Read and write as expected but all
I/O are page sized only.
so even if i send 32K I/O from application to my device, it gets me 8
4k(page size ) I/O.

so i have now two choice:
1. either i get I/O before got split
2. after elevator has aggregated them.

i have tried QUEUE_FLAG_PLUGGED to get large I/O but I/O are not
consistent(corruption happens after read and writing with
any info would be highly appreciated.

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