Re: microcode loading got really slow.

From: Dave Jones
Date: Thu May 23 2013 - 11:55:48 EST

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 11:27:08PM +0800, Ming Lei wrote:
> > Yes, in your case, everything is fine in the kernel itself. And no
> > microcode update is needed for new CPU, thus no firmware.
> Can the driver decide if the CPU need microcode? Or there will
> be the microcode for the CPU in future?

The kernel can't know. The microcode updates are asynchonously released
from the kernel. I might be running a months old kernel, and get a new
microcode tomorrow. The kernel handles this by looking for a file
with a name matching the cpu family/model/stepping. (See how they are
formed in /lib/firmware/intel-ucode/*)


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