mxsfb: DATA_FORMAT_24_BIT flag outputs invalid colours

From: Hector Palacios
Date: Thu May 23 2013 - 07:56:17 EST


I'm using an i.MX28 based board with lcd connected with 18bits data bus.
My platform uses 32 bits per pixel:

mxsfb_pdata.default_bpp = 32;
mxsfb_pdata.ld_intf_width = STMLCDIF_18BIT;

With these settings the mxsfb.c driver sets flag DATA_FORMAT_24_BIT at HW_LCDIF_CTRL register in function mxsfb_set_par():

case 32:
dev_dbg(&host->pdev->dev, "Setting up RGB888/666 mode\n");
switch (host->ld_intf_width) {
"Unsupported LCD bus width mapping\n");
return -EINVAL;
/* 24 bit to 18 bit mapping */
ctrl |= CTRL_DF24; /* ignore the upper 2 bits in
* each colour component
/* real 24 bit */

According to the manual, this flag does:
0x0: ALL_24_BITS_VALID: Data input to the block is in 24 bpp format, such that all RGB 888 data is contained in 24 bits.
0x1: DROP_UPPER_2_BITS_PER_BYTE — Data input to the block is actually RGB 18 bpp, but there is 1 colour per byte, hence the upper 2 bits in each byte do not contain any useful data, and should be dropped.

The setting of this flag is producing bad colours with true colour images (i.e. the Linux penguin is displayed ok, but QT applications or images displayed with fbv are not).
I believe the setting of this flag is not correct (after all, if my bpp is 32, then all 24bit colours are useful and dropping the upper 2 bits is a bad idea).
If I don't set it, then true colour images are displayed correctly. The only problem is that the Linux penguin is displayed much darker than usual (correct colours, but darker). Perhaps the 224 colour format of this image justifies it?

I noticed the cfa10049 platform also uses the same configuration (18 bits data bus and 32bpp) and was wondering if true colour images are correctly displayed in this platform with this flag set (for example with fbv application [1]).

Héctor Palacios

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