Re: [PATCH] build some drivers only when compile-testing

From: Tomi Valkeinen
Date: Thu May 23 2013 - 03:48:21 EST


On 22/05/13 12:18, Jiri Slaby wrote:
> Some drivers can be built on more platforms than they run on. This
> causes users and distributors packaging burden when they have to
> manually deselect some drivers from their allmodconfigs. Or sometimes
> it is even impossible to disable the drivers without patching the
> kernel.
> Introduce a new config option COMPILE_TEST and make all those drivers
> to depend on the platform they run on, or on the COMPILE_TEST option.
> Now, when users/distributors choose COMPILE_TEST=n they will not have
> the drivers in their allmodconfig setups, but developers still can
> compile-test them with COMPILE_TEST=y.
> Now the drivers where we use this new option:
> * PTP_1588_CLOCK_PCH: The PCH EG20T is only compatible with Intel Atom
> processors so it should depend on x86.
> * FB_GEODE: Geode is 32-bit only so only enable it for X86_32.
> * USB_CHIPIDEA_IMX: The OF_DEVICE dependency will be met on powerpc
> systems -- which do not actually support the hardware via that
> method.

I had this exact same idea some time ago. The mail below contains some
of my reasoning for this:

I proposed a new Kconfig keyword, but Sam was quite against it as the
Kconfig language already does what is required.


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