Re: [PATCH] maintainers: Remove Kent from maintainers

From: Joe Perches
Date: Wed May 22 2013 - 12:37:28 EST

On Wed, 2013-05-22 at 10:56 -0500, Kent Yoder wrote:

> @@ -3971,7 +3971,8 @@ S: Maintained
> F: arch/ia64/
> IBM Power in-Nest Crypto Acceleration
> -M: Kent Yoder <key@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> +M: Marcelo Henrique Cerri <mhcerri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> +M: Fionnuala Gunter <fin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> L: linux-crypto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> S: Supported
> F: drivers/crypto/nx/
> @@ -8212,7 +8213,8 @@ S: Odd fixes
> F: drivers/media/usb/tm6000/
> -M: Kent Yoder <key@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> +M: Leonidas Da Silva Barbosa <leosilva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> +M: Ashley Lai <ashley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> M: Rajiv Andrade <mail@xxxxxxxxxx>
> W:
> M: Marcel Selhorst <tpmdd@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

As far as I know, none of these people have
previously submitted a single patch.

None of them were cc'd neither. (now cc'd)

I think a better way to do this sort of
change is to have the people becoming
MAINTAINERS submit the patches and the
person departing ack it, or simply to
remove yourself and let other people add
themselves later.

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