Re: function call fw_iso_resource_mange(..) (core-iso.c) does not return

From: Stephan Gatzka
Date: Wed May 22 2013 - 09:06:49 EST

Solution 2 --- Perform interdependent works in different queue instances.
(Keep the WQ_MEM_RECLAIM flag set at those workqueues that have to take
work which is necessary for progress of memory reclaim. If this and only
this solution is employed for an SBP-2 initiator, we need two if not more
WQ_MEM_RECLAIM workqueue instances.)

I would go for this solution. I have no problems with lots of workqueues around, because there is only a relatively small structure required for each workqueue.

Solution 3 --- Remove the dependency between worklets:

Solution 3a --- Remove the lower-level worklet altogether.
E.g. reimplement the lower-level worklet as a tasklet.

No, I like the workqueue context. :)

Solution 3b --- Remove the higher-level worklet's dependency.
E.g. reimplement the higher-level worklet such that it is woken by
a timer and then aborts or reschedules ( = lets the lower-level
worklet bubble up in the queue).

This looks more difficult to me and not so easy to test.

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