Re: [PATCH v4 00/22] x86, ACPI, numa: Parse numa info early

From: Tang Chen
Date: Wed May 22 2013 - 01:11:51 EST

On 05/10/2013 02:24 AM, Yinghai Lu wrote:

If you have any thinking of this patch-set, please let me know.

Talked to HPA, and he will put my patchset into tip/x86/mm after v3.10-rc1.

after that we can work on put pagetable on local node for hotadd path.


It is Linux v3.10-rc2 now. But I didn't find this patch-set merged into
tip/x86/mm. was it merged to somewhere else, or we have any other plan
to push ?

By the way, I have done some tests for this patch-set, and the test results
have been sent. Please refer to:

Reviewed-by: Tang Chen <tangchen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Tested-by: Tang Chen <tangchen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks. :)

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