Re: mount --no-canonical seems broken.

From: Karel Zak
Date: Tue May 21 2013 - 05:47:30 EST

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 04:30:21PM -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
> widely known as "df" or "mount".
> I might point out that by default,
> > findmnt /
> / /dev/root xfs rw,nodiratime,relatime,attr2,inode64,noquota
> > > l /dev/root
> ls: cannot access /dev/root: No such file or directory

util-linux 2.23 ?

libmount since this version is able to use the root= kernel command
line option to convert /dev/root from the /proc/self/mountinfo file
to a real device name.


Karel Zak <kzak@xxxxxxxxxx>
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