Re: [PATCH 00/10] clk: mvebu: restructure SoC clock drivers

From: Jason Cooper
Date: Mon May 20 2013 - 13:58:57 EST

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 06:46:58PM +0200, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Sebastian, Jason, Andrew, Gregory,
> On Sat, 11 May 2013 03:08:00 +0200, Sebastian Hesselbarth wrote:
> > Marvell EBU SoCs share some common clock functions that register core
> > clocks or clock gates from SoC specific data. These clock drivers are
> > organized by function and over time the drivers filled up with #ifdefs
> > to separate different SoC specific code.
> >
> > This patch set first adds a new element to clock gate descriptors to
> > allow to pass clk flags per clock gate. (Patch 1)
> >
> > Then it restructures MVEBU clock drivers into common clock setup and
> > SoC specific files and Kconfig options. The driver's init functions
> > are also registered to get called with of_clk_init. (Patches 2, 3-6)
> >
> > It then switches Dove, Kirkwood, and Armada 370/XP to make use of
> > of_clk_init instead of mvebu_clocks_init. (Patches 7-9)
> >
> > Finally, all obsolete files and Kconfig options are removed. (Patch 10)
> >
> > It has been tested on CuBox (Dove) and Dockstar (Kirkwood) by me.
> > Armada 370 and XP are compile tested only and should get their Tested-by
> > from Thomas and Gregory, respectively.
> >
> > @Mike: As this only touches MVEBU related code, I suggest to take it
> > all through the corresponding ARM branch.
> >
> > Sebastian Hesselbarth (10):
> > clk: mvebu: introduce per-clock-gate flags
> > clk: mvebu: add common clock functions for core clk and clk gating
> > clk: mvebu: add Dove SoC-centric clock init
> > clk: mvebu: add Kirkwood SoC-centric clock init
> > clk: mvebu: add Armada 370 SoC-centric clock init
> > clk: mvebu: add Armada XP SoC-centric clock init
> > ARM: dove: move DT boards to SoC-centric clock init
> > ARM: kirkwood: move DT boards to SoC-centric clock init
> > ARM: mvebu: move DT boards to SoC-centric clock init
> > clk: mvebu: desintegrate obsolete file
> Tested-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I've tested on Armada 370 DB (after reverting the ARM core patch that
> prevents this platform from booting) and the Armada XP DB. Both boards
> boot fine, and detect PCIe devices as they should.
> There is some conflict between this set of commits and the two commits
> that modify the PCIe clocks in my PCIe series. I've pushed a branch at
> which has the mvebu PCIe stuff + Sebastian patches on top of it, with
> the conflicts resolved. The tricky thing is that since Sebastian is
> adding new clock files, and then removing the old ones, it's pretty
> easy to "loose" the changes the two PCIe clock patches are doing. The
> branch above works on Armada 370/XP, so you can compare the clock files
> if needed.

hmm, in my haste yesterday, I did this in the opposite order (clk, then
pcie on top). I'm going to reshuffle them because I don't want pcie
depending on and waiting for this clock series to be ready :)

The good news is everything (except kirkwood-pcie, ran out of time) made
it through linux-next! Also, kisskb is now building mvebu_defconfig in
addition to all the other ones.


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