RE: [PATCH v3] clocksource: add MVF600 pit timer support

From: Lu Jingchang-B35083
Date: Sun May 19 2013 - 23:26:42 EST

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>Subject: Re: [PATCH v3] clocksource: add MVF600 pit timer support
>On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 03:08:54AM +0000, Lu Jingchang-B35083 wrote:
>> [Lu Jingchang-B35083]
>> I am not sure MVF5xx and MVF7xx have the same PIT block, if you have
>information that it is the same on other Vybrid SoCs, it is ok to change
>the driver name to mvf. Thanks!
>Even the PIT block on other Vybrid SoCs have differences from the one
>integrated on mvf600, we can handle them using device tree compatible
>string. And that's why we need to encode SoC name in compatible.
[Lu Jingchang-B35083]
Ok, I will rename the driver and the configure option, thanks!
>> [Lu Jingchang-B35083]
>> PIT0 and PIT1 can be chained to build a 64-bit timer, so PIT2 and PIT3
>are selected as the clocksource and clockevent device, and leave PIT0 and
>PIT1 unused for anyone else who needs them. Thanks!
>This could be an useful info to be in the comment.
[Lu Jingchang-B35083]
I will add a comment for this, thanks!

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