Re: [PATCH 1/1] 6lowpan: Fix fragmentation with link-local compressed addresses

From: David Hauweele
Date: Sun May 19 2013 - 18:14:58 EST


There is a patch which fixes link-local address uncompression:

I came across a similar solution but didn't submit it as another patch
already existed.
This patch instead focus on fragmented packet with link-local address
which is related but a different bug.

2013/5/19 Alexander Aring <alex.aring@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi David,
> can you use a link-layer address on the current net-next kernel?
> I am asking because I can't use a link-layer address currently.
> Your patch doesn't help to solve my problem with link-layer addresses.
> To your patch:
> We get the link-layer addresses from skb not from the allocated
> frame->skb.
> Here is the code:
> _saddr = mac_cb(skb)->sa.hwaddr;
> _daddr = mac_cb(skb)->da.hwaddr;
> Here is skb != frame->skb so we don't need to copy it to frame->skb->cb
> because we already the link-layer addresses from skb->cb.
> Is there another place in the code where we get the link-layer addresses
> from allocated "frame" structure?

frame->skb is used to reassemble the 6lowpan packet when new fragments
are received.
This is the 'fragments assembling' switch at the beginning of
It will reassemble fragments until the packet is successfully reassembled.
Once it is, skb is replaced:

skb = frame->skb;

And the process continues as with other 6lowpan packets.

In particular:

_saddr = mac_cb(skb)->sa.hwaddr;
_daddr = mac_cb(skb)->da.hwaddr;

Several lines later there are:

err = lowpan_uncompress_addr(skb, &hdr.saddr, lowpan_llprefix,
lowpan_unc_llconf[tmp], skb->data);
err = lowpan_uncompress_addr(skb, &hdr.daddr, lowpan_llprefix,
lowpan_unc_llconf[tmp], skb->data);

These two lines should use _saddr/_daddr instead of skb->data, which
fixes the link-local address uncompression.
I'm able to use link-layer addresses with these two patches and it works well.

> Regards
> Alex


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