Re: [PATCH 0/9] Reduce system disruption due to kswapd V4

From: Zlatko Calusic
Date: Sat May 18 2013 - 17:15:43 EST

On 15.05.2013 22:37, Andrew Morton wrote:

3.10.0-rc1 3.10.0-rc1
vanilla lessdisrupt-v4
Page Ins 1234608 101892
Page Outs 12446272 11810468
Swap Ins 283406 0
Swap Outs 698469 27882
Direct pages scanned 0 136480
Kswapd pages scanned 6266537 5369364
Kswapd pages reclaimed 1088989 930832
Direct pages reclaimed 0 120901
Kswapd efficiency 17% 17%
Kswapd velocity 5398.371 4635.115
Direct efficiency 100% 88%
Direct velocity 0.000 117.817
Percentage direct scans 0% 2%
Page writes by reclaim 1655843 4009929
Page writes file 957374 3982047
Page writes anon 698469 27882
Page reclaim immediate 5245 1745
Page rescued immediate 0 0
Slabs scanned 33664 25216
Direct inode steals 0 0
Kswapd inode steals 19409 778

The reduction in inode steals might be a significant thing?
prune_icache_sb() does invalidate_mapping_pages() and can have the bad
habit of shooting down a vast number of pagecache pages (for a large
file) in a single hit. Did this workload use large (and clean) files?
Did you run any test which would expose this effect?

I did not run specific tests, but I believe I observed exactly this issue on the real workload, where even at a moderate load sudden frees of pagecache happen quite often. I've attached a small graph where it can be easily seen. The snapshot was taken while the server was running an unpatched Linus kernel. After the Mel's patch series is applied, I can't see anything similar. So it seems that this issue is completely gone, Mel's done a wonderful job.

And BTW, V4 continues to be rock stable, running here on many different machines, so I look forward seeing this code merged in 3.11.

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