RE: fb driver for logiCVC

From: Davor Joja
Date: Thu May 16 2013 - 06:35:48 EST

Hello Bruno,

Thank you for the answer!

I did not send it before to linux-fbdev since I thought that it is more likely to get answer at linux-kernel list.
Will do that from now.

Unfortunately, I have this driver on mentioned git only for few weeks, so there is no usable history.
Since this is new driver, tested and functional (on kernel 3.8), without git history as stated above, do you have idea how to break it to smaller pieces? I can only think off as one big patch against 3.8.x version.
That could be accepted for new driver?

You are right about git, it is not organized in standard way.
It is created for our customers to easily get latest drivers for Xylon IP cores because they already know what they need and in which folder to search. Maybe this was not good idea to send that git link for review. Will stitch to patches in the future, even for new drivers.


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Hello Davor,

On Tue, 14 May 2013 "Davor Joja" wrote:
> Can I get suggestion how to send driver to this list which consists of
> several files and folders, as one (big) patch or as described in
> "how-to" as link to some ftp or git?
> My previous mail has not been replied, because of link to driver or
> other issue (tested on kernel 3.8)?

You should also send it to linux-fbdev (CCed) so interested people have a better chance of seeing it (and quoting previous mail below).

If you have a git tree with history it might be nice. Otherwise it's easier to review if you can split the big-patch into multiple incremental parts adding some functionality each (that incremental nature would also be expected from a git tree).

Your tree at looks weird, you seem to have imported just the subfolders of kernel tree you worked on instead of cloning e.g. v3.8 release and applying your driver on top of it. This way it's not possible to merge your tree and it's rather hard to find out what belongs to your driver or not.


On Wed, 08 May 2013 "Davor Joja" wrote:
> I am sending link to frame buffer driver for Xylon "logiCVC" FPGA IP
> core, so I would kindly ask for driver review.
> logiCVC is Configurable Video Controller developed for Xilinx FPGA
> devices.
> logiCVC device together with xylonfb driver is widely used in Xilinx
> Targeted Referent Designs on Zynq SoC platforms (ZC702, ZC706, ZED,
> TED, Xilinx customers and Xilinx university program) and on custom
> projects from Xylon and Xylon customers.
> Driver implements platform and open firmware registration types.
> It has built in interface with V4L2 ADV7511 HDMI transmitter driver
> for handling EDID and miscellaneous clock generator SI570 driver.
> I would seek an advice for above mentioned and other issues which will
> get to surface in review.
> For now fb driver runs on 3.8 kernel (ARM architecture), and it was
> tested in all its configurations with:
> - Xylon test application
> - fbdev - Frame buffer device test application
> - DirectFB,
> - QT
> - Ubuntu 10.04 (16bpp and 32bpp color depth) Driver build was tested
> by Open Source Technology Center.
> Latest driver is available at
> under
> "drivers/video/xylon" and "include/linux" "Documentation (xylonfb
> devicetree parameters)"
> It is available on but not latest version.
> I have placed on logiCVC datasheet, application
> note, current xylonfb driver user manual and test applications.
> Username: xylonfb
> Password: xylonfb
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