Re: [PATCH v2] tracing: Expose event tracing infrastructure

From: zhangwei(Jovi)
Date: Sat Mar 23 2013 - 06:43:00 EST

On 2013/3/15 20:51, Steven Rostedt wrote:
> On Fri, 2013-03-15 at 20:31 +0800, Jovi Zhang wrote:
>> Hi steven,
>> Would you please give some comments? patch works normally on my box.
> Yeah, I planned on it today ;-) Actually, I've been a busy beaver
> lately. The last couple of weeks I have:
> 32 files changed, 5239 insertions(+), 1805 deletions(-)
> (Although some of that work started back last August)
> I still have to finish backporting the patches I said I would take from
> you from earlier this week.
> Anyway, a quick scan of the patch looks fine, and I don't see any major
> issues with it. The only problem is that the changes I've made have
> touched this code a bit and your patch won't apply, with my new work.

Steven, I just saw you have sent a pull request to Ingo with a large update on tracing code,
and bring a little conflicts with this "Expose event tracing infrastructure" patch,
like ftrace_event_file introduced in ftrace_raw_event_<call>.

Do I need to resend this patch based on your new work?(and testing) to make you can merge this patch easily.

> I'm just about finished, the final tests I'm doing on my code are
> looking good and I'm hoping to push my final version to linux-next
> today. If you want to have a head start, you can look at the current
> code (no guarantee that it wont rebase), at:
> git://
> trace/tip/perf/core-5
> -- Steve

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