Re: [PATCH v3] clk: add si5351 i2c common clock driver

From: Lars-Peter Clausen
Date: Sat Mar 23 2013 - 06:05:29 EST

On 03/21/2013 10:32 PM, Sebastian Hesselbarth wrote:
>>> +
>>> + dev_info(&client->dev, "registered si5351 i2c client\n");
>>> +
>> That's just noise, imagine every driver would print such a line, your bootlog
>> would be scrolling for hours ;) I'd either remove it or make it dev_dbg
> Actually, I understand not to have it, but if you don't want it you can still
> boot with "quiet", can't you? Having one single line that helps you see it has
> been probed helps a lot. But, I don't have a strong opinion on that and can
> make it dev_dbg.

It is useful during development, but in my opinion only as long as not every
other driver does this as well. If you want to check whether a device has
been probed you can easily do this by checking the drivers sysfs node.

- Lars
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